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Genezis is a beautiful pair of shorty briefs panties from Roza.

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Descrption of this Lingerie

Genezis is a beautiful pair of shorty briefs from Roza. Made from a semi sheer soft fabric, the legs are decorated with deep lace. The back is stunning with a V shaped embroidery panel. Packaged in their own unique box Genezis is available in Black or White. Material 75% Polyamid, 20% Elastan, 5% Cotton

Roza-Genezis is a beautiful lingerie item which comes to you as in discrete outer packaging which will contain your new lingerie in its own box which is supplied by the lingerie manufacturer. Intimate and exciting lingerie ordered from JustLingerie.ie will have you feeling sexy in no-time. You can rest assured that Roza-Genezis is not just another lingerie item but it is a lingerie item specifically chosen by JustLingerie.ie as part of our lingerie THONGS PANTIES collection to afford you the opportunity to relax knowing that what you are ordering is first class quality. Each and every product in our THONGS PANTIES lingerie range is manufactured to the highest standards by lingerie manufacturers that we know and trust. So we know you will know and trust in the THONGS PANTIES lingerie you are buying too. The material used to create Roza-Genezis is specifically used in the manufacture of this lingerie to allow your skin to feel as sexy under the lingerie as you look in the lingerie. As soon as you slip into Roza-Genezis you will know that you are as sexy as you feel. Roza-Genezis lingerie is available right now from JustLingerie.ie is size(s) S. However if you are more comfortable or feel more sexy wearing lingerie such as THONGS PANTIES that may be a different size than that as advertised on JustLigerie.ie you can contact us at any time to see have we got Roza-Genezis in your size. Just because you do not see the lingerie you want in the size that best suits your sexy body shape doesn’t mean that we can’t get Roza-Genezis in your size. Furthermore we have every confidence that there will be lingerie that you love and will be very comfortable, sexy not to mention desirable in. So please look through JustLingerie.ie for more sexy items in our THONGS PANTIES section. This lingerie is categorised under THONGS PANTIES. Although some lingerie can be categorised in different sections we here at JustLingerie.ie believe that this particular piece of lingerie you are interested in is best suited in the THONGS PANTIES category. Remember that it is our aim here in JustLingerie.ie that you feel confident wearing any THONGS PANTIES that you order from us and you know that you are sexy, seductive and pretty no matter what lingerie you wear. After all JustLingerie.ie is only here to supply lingerie that will only stand to compliment your natural appeal.

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